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In 2008, St. Jude’s School took part in a Government funded scheme aimed at introducing children to playing musical instruments. St. Jude’s had 90 Year 4 children on the scheme, as the principle was to give as many children as possible the opportunity to experience the benefits of learning how to play an instrument. The scheme was only funded for two years, enabling the school to hire the instruments and pay for a teacher.

After the first year, the children had the opportunity to join a newly formed school brass band, continue tuition via Surrey Arts and to perform at various school and outside events. This was successful for a number of years by relying on parental contributions.  However, after government funding was withdrawn and pressures on family budgets changed, there simply was insufficient money to maintain it and so the scheme reduced until it ceased in July 2017, and with it the school brass band.  The Egham Training Band was formed in 2010 to give the children somewhere to continue to play, this band was promoted to The Egham Youth Band in 2016.  Many of those originally in the school at the start still play with Egham Youth Band today.


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For the last two years, The Egham Band has been discussing with St. Jude’s and others how we could restart this scheme on a sustainable basis which means that the instruments had to be purchased rather than hired.  Various applications for grants have been made over the last nine months, positive results from the applications were difficult.

It was decided to start the scheme in September using 25 brass instruments owned by the music teacher and The Egham Band, although the children could not take the instruments home it was a start.  Since September 75 children from Year 5 at St. Jude’s have started to learn to play.

Several of the parents purchased instruments for their children and from funding we have recently secured from Music for All, the United Church, Egham and several local individuals and organisations we now have 40 p-Cornets.  If we can prove the project successful it is hoped to extend the scheme to other schools in the area.

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What is Needed?    

We need just 36 more instruments so that all the children can take an instrument home which is an important part of the process as practice is needed during the week between lessons, hence this sponsorship appeal.  Instruments cost £90 and we therefore need to raise £3,240 .  We are asking individuals or businesses if they would be kind enough to sponsor an instrument or part of one.  We hope to raise sufficient funds before the Spring Term so that all 75 children can take an instrument home to practice in the New Year.

If you are able to help please contact us at: 

  Alan Bostock 
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